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Develop concept ideas for the bottle crate of the future by Coca-Cola Germany. €25,000 prize pool

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One wave says more than a thousand words.

The "WAVE"-concept  thrills Coca-Cola and design enthusiasts with a modern and timeless designlanguage. The exciting presentation of one of the CocaCola-key design elements is combined with clear and simple lines. This leads to an emotional and stylish presentation of the inner 1L-bottles. The unique design can be integrated easily into modern living environments and speaks to various target groups (singles, families, seniors). The logistics of an optimally achievable utilization is achieved by a 12-bottle-crate. This provides the target groups varied applications in different scenarios (family-household, barbecues, group homes, etc.) and offers the freedom to combine several Coca Cola brands. To transport the weight of a 12-bottle-crate easily and convenient, rubberized grips are used. "WAVE" combines practicality and style to an object, which everyone is proud to present in home environments. Material: PLA Size: Length: 398mm, Width: 295mm, Height: 320mm
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